Genius Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Many of us nowadays are faced with living in a small space, especially when living in the city no matter where in the world. Apartments, Condo’s and Homes inside the city are the majority of the time smaller than they would be in the suburbs. With living in a small home, the kitchen often gets forgotten as it is small and barely functional due to not having enough storage. Luckily there are plenty of ways to maximize and even add storage into your small kitchens. You won’t have to reconsider your choice of apartment or home, instead, you’ll be left happy and satisfied and most of all a much more functional kitchen.

Often times in rentals, apartments, and condo’s the range above your stove is often forgotten due to people assuming that due to the heat it’s nearly impossible to store anything there. Have you thought of hanging your pots, pans, and utensils above your range? Make sure that what you hang is your most used utensils, as it’ll be easier to find and utilize.

When looking at your kitchen, you sometimes if not always notice a small and narrow gap between your fridge and wall, and often times you feel as though you can’t put anything in there, nor can you utilize the small space. If you have the time, build a small DIY shelf that can move in out of that narrow space. That shelf can hold all canned, and dry foods; it’s a space that’ll act as additional cabinet space.


If you’ve got enough room for an island, purchase one as many transportable islands are often equipped with storage space. It’ll also allow you have extra counter space if you seem to not have enough. It’s also a great option for rolling out meals without having to juggle plate by plate on your hands and arms.

Many shelves in homes, don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, therefore, leaving you with a small space just between your cabinets and the ceiling. That space is a great spot to utilize for more storage, just add some metal wired baskets and store products in them. Whether they’re cleaning products for the kitchen, or ingredients that you rarely use therefore you keep them atop to create more functional space for you.

Lastly, our tip to you is having wired hanging baskets, either against your backsplash or simply off the counter and cabinet. This will be a great space to hold your basics such as garlic, onions, avocado and all other produce that’s required to be out to become ripe. We often keep those ingredients in cabinets, and it does take up space that can be used for your plates, pots, and pans.

What tips do you have? Let us know!

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