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How To Use Pantone Colors Of The Year In Your Kitchen [Part II]

After receiving such great feedback on our Pantone Color of The Year article, we've decided to bring it back and make a second article; to give you the audience more options on how to implement a color you like, that Pantone has announced his year. Below you'll be able to find other, and inexpensive options when it comes to adding a pop of color to your kitchen. Many of them not requiring as much manpower as the previous list. Appliances (Mixers, Coffee Machines, Etc.) Painting can be a ... Continue Reading

Kid Friendly Bedroom Lighting

For your kid's bedroom lighting, parents must consider your child's safety, activities, and design. In choosing bedroom lights, the number one concern for parents is the safety of the hook-up. Extreme precautions need to be taken on the outlets and wirings of the lights; protective covers are a must to be installed on your power outlets. Buy only reputable brands of lights because they meet the safety standards of the American Lighting Association. Because almost all of lights generate ... Continue Reading