5 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

We all fall for crazy kitchen gadgets when we’re walking through the halls of a kitchen supply store, whether it’s TJMax or William Sonoma, we somehow manage to pick up something crazy and can’t help but wonder how it works and if it actually works. Some of these gadgets are objects that will reinvent the way we prepare meals, making the process as an overall much easier than before. The notion of having gadgets in the kitchen is to make the process of meal prepping easier, and the end result to not only taste delicious but also look appealing.

We’ve handpicked 5 crazy gadgets that we believe will act as your sous chef in the kitchen, and ultimately will make your life much easier. They’re cheap, but they’ll guarantee to leave you happy and at ease, and you won’t regret spending money on a funny looking object.


Oven Pull ($3)

We all struggle to get meals out of the oven, either because the pans and pots are extremely difficult to pick up or maybe because it’s nearly impossible to pick a plate of scorching hot food. Sometimes we tend to even push our dishes into the back of the oven that it’s difficult getting them out after. An oven pull is a small cheap gadget that will come in handy, it has a little gap that hooks and attaches to the bowl or pan, and pulls it out for you, preventing you from burning your hands.

Herb Stripper ($8)

Chopping up herbs, or picking herbs can be a pain especially when you’re left smelling like them. By all means, there’s nothing wrong with the fresh scent of herbs, but after a while, it gets a bit overwhelming. The herb stripper will strip the most important parts of your herbs into a small bowl. This tool is perfect for those who can’t go out without having rosemary, thyme, and tarragon in their meals.

Slip-on Bowl Spout ($5)

At one point or another, we end up spilling food all over the place when pouring it from one container to another. A slip on spout that you can add to your bowl will save the hassle of cleaning your mess up. This slip on spout can be applied to bowls, pots, and containers.

Hands-Free Bag Holder ($6)

It’s always an inconvenience pouring leftovers, or meal preps into a bag. One hand holding the bag, and the other attempting to get the contents into it. Often times it takes a few tries, and a couple of mess ups to somewhat get everything in. In the end, you end up wasting a bit of whatever it is you’ve prepared. A hands-free bag holder will help you get your leftovers or marinates from the pot or bowl into the bag, this gadget is super useful and affordable.

Carrot Peeler / Sharpener ($16)

Never heard of a carrot sharpener? Well, it does exist, and it will change your life. It’s childish, bright and big but nonetheless gets the job done! You won’t have to suffer from knifing a carrot, skinning it and cutting off more product than you should. The carrot sharpener skins your carrot in one go, and you’re left with one scrap and not many.

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