Shade Loving Plants For Your Kitchen

Sometimes we want our kitchen to be a bit more lively, a place that isn’t so 2D and somewhat dull. We want our kitchen to feel as if it were bright, airy and alive and most times bouquets and handfuls of flowers do the trick! Unfortunately, bouquets and handpicked flowers don’t exactly have the longest shelf life and end up dying within a few days, some even the next day. Luckily there are plenty of plants that aren’t necessarily the most popular or know that are easy to maintain and actually love staying in the shade. Not many of us have kitchens that are cladded in windows from wall to wall, therefore plants that specifically need sunlight are cut off from the list of potential kitchen house plants. Our tip for you is looking for tropical plants, many of them don’t require any source of light as they are often hidden in the tropical forest under the leaves and vines of a tree. You might be thinking that tropical plants are a pain and a hassle to take care of, but that’s where you’re wrong. They don’t require as much water as other nontropical house plants and grow at a slower pace as they are always in the shade. Here are 3 plants that we believe will be the perfect house plant that you’ll enjoy having in your kitchen.

Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake plants are known for their stunning leaves, their ruffled foliage definitely gives you a tropical vibe and it’s clear that it isn’t your typical houseplant. This plant features a unique pattern, and will simply stand out when placed in your kitchen. It’s also a great plant to hold in your kitchen as often it either gets warm or humid when you’re cooking. Just keep a mist bottle beside and when you’re feeling cheeky give it a little spray and it’ll be good to go! Just make you’re spraying the soil as well, you wouldn’t want it to dry out.



Bromeliads are stunning tropical plants, that have broad and shiny leaves, they also swirling with rosette shapes, giving them a modern yet elegant look. In all honesty, they look almost as if they were just a big huge flower, fear not though they do come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll be sure to have a one of a kind bromeliad in your home if you choose to go with this one. Bromeliads are also a plant that’s really easy to care for, especially when considering the fact that their roots are so small that you won’t actually have to water and hydrate the soil, instead just keep a little puddle of water in the center cup.

Jewel Orchid

Jewel Orchids, also known as Ludisia Discolor are a gorgeous plant that’s also known for their love for the shade. These stunning plants aren’t hard to care for, nor are they as tricky to care for as their known distant orchid cousin. All you’re required to do is water the soil of these purple striped plants, once it’s dry and that’s it. You’ll be guaranteed to have a plant that lasts for a while.

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are big and light, that are great for keeping either on the ground somewhere in the corner of your kitchen or beside your islands and countertops. Its rich green glossy leaves are stunning, and this tropical loves the shade and doesn’t require much light whatsoever. It’s easy to maintain, you can water it as rarely as you’d like. The only downside that comes with this plant is that it’s poisonous when ingested, and requires to be handled with care. This is definitely a plant to stay away from if you’ve got a cat or dog, or kids.

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