5 Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be the hardest room in your home to personalize especially if it’s in a rented home. Floors and wall coverings will need to be practical while replacing fittings will be out of the question. Though a major makeover might not be possible, there are still numerous ways to tart up space and create a relaxing retreat. Below are 5 ways to get you started.

Have Fun with Frames

It might not be wise to hang prized artwork but framing decorative pages from different magazines or even framing inexpensive prints can be a very cheap way to add a homely touch. You can fix them by using removable picture hooks so as to avoid holes in the walls and also you can be able to switch out the prints on rotation when they start to be affected by the humidity in the bathroom.


Hang Up Wire Baskets

Having storage in the bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean going for built in. Put up a couple of wire baskets and hang them on the wall as long as you won’t be storing anything that will be too heavy for them since they should be supported with just a few nails.

Add Lighting

A bathroom will lose its functionality if it doesn’t have quality lighting. Make sure that the fixtures have the correct bulbs and if in case you choose to upgrade the fixtures, you can consider pendants or chandeliers which will add a touch of elegance to the room especially if the ceiling is tall. Remember also to make sure that the fixtures are bathroom approved and let them be installed by a professional. The best lighting for a bathroom will be a cool, bright white bulb which has a high color rendering index.

Have a Pattern

Hanging wallpapers can be a very expensive task since its costly and many of the times the walls need to be prepped well prior to application. So, to lower your costs, think of just covering a smaller space. A self-adhesive paper which is designed for high moisture areas will be the best recommendation for your bathroom.

Frame Your Mirror

Every bathroom deserves to have one or more mirrors; they reflect light into the room making it become bright. If you have a build grade mirror that’s plain and lacks a frame, you can as well upgrade it by creating a frame around it so as to give it a custom look. If the bathroom doesn’t have enough space, you can replace the mirror that you have with a wall mounted medicine cabinet.

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