Kitchen Decor DIYs That Look Expensive

Kitchen décor can be pricey, and sometimes it’s easier to create what you want yourself. It might not be as expensive looking as what you were basing your DIY off, but nonetheless, it’ll look just as stylish in your kitchen. DIY’s can also be a fun activity for you and

your roommate, partner or kids; so fear not you’re not on your own. Even if you live alone you can always invite a friend over, and have them help you out in recreating an affordable version of the kitchen décor item you’re trying to recreate.

If you’ve spotted a set of plates and glasses that you’re absolutely dying to own, but they cost a pretty penny – there’s always the option of buying a cheaper set of cups and plates and redecorating them yourself. This is truly a fantastic idea if the set you’re looking for has intricate prints on the plate that you yourself can replicate. Just look up a tutorial online, and you’ll be good to go! You’ll be hands down saving some money, and your plates will have a personal meaning to them.

Sometimes you’ve got a shelf that simply looks overused, and sad but there’s always a chance of refurbishing them and bringing them back to life. Don’t go out and buy a set of new shelves, instead upgrade your current ones by spray painting the hardware on them in any metallic shade, whether it’s gold, rose gold, or silver. By doing so, it’ll give your worn out shelves a modern and rustic look that’ll be sure to have guests and friends asking where you got those shelves, and how much were they.


If you purchased a home with a kitchen that doesn’t really do it for you, or you’re simply in the mood for something fresh and new; but you don’t have the budget, or time to renovate it completely. Invest in marble contact paper, and use it as a backsplash to give your kitchen a sleek and chic kitchen. If you’ve got plenty of marble contact paper left over, or you’ve purchased a huge amount; it’s a good idea to put some of it onto your countertops, and island if you’ve got one. It’ll instantly create a high-end kitchen, that’ll have many asking if it’s real; and where can they get the same thing?

If you’re looking to have more storage for your pots and pans, find a nice and big enough cork board and paint it into the color that’ll suit your kitchen and dining room. Place it in either room and not only will it act as extra storage space but also as an art centerpiece. It’ll be sure to get people’s attentions!

When buying a home we often buy it based on functionality, unless we’ve got a penny to spend we then look whether it’s stunning and something we see ourselves living day by day. Let’s say you’re satisfied with your kitchen, or you’ve to renovate everything but you’re still missing a backsplash. Backsplash tiles can be pretty expensive, and if you’re not willing to cash out, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of ways to achieve a stunning backsplash with an affordable budget. Find some wall decals that you believe will make a stunning pattern, and you’ll like for a long period of time. Paint it onto your backsplash, and you’ll be left with a stunning backsplash result.

Have you guys got any ideas for DIY’s that’ll add to your kitchen? Leave a comment and let us know!

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