Bathroom Reno’s and You

When it comes to the bathroom, functionality takes precedence over style. In many homes, the bathroom is small, and its layout leaves few options for any creativity. Considering that the bathroom gets a lot of use from everyone in the house, it should be a room that exudes style. But often, a bathroom just has the basics. Interior design bathroom projects can change all that, adding some pizzazz to your bathroom. There are interior design bathroom tricks that can be done to make your bathroom feel more spacious and look stylish.

An interior design bathroom project that can make the appearance of the bathroom seem larger involves playing with color. Changing the color scheme on the walls can give the appearance of a larger room. Bright and airy colors are the best to choose on the color wheel. Some good choices are earth tones, pastels, geometric shapes, and stripes. Green, blue and other dark colors can also work when accented with lighter color hues.

To create more open floor space in your bathroom, add shelves. A stylish interior design bathroom makes use of corners by adding shelves to hold plants, framed photos, candles, and other appealing accents.


A more extensive interior design bathroom project involves everything currently in the bathroom. Do cabinets and drawers work well for you and other family members? Is the medicine cabinet or mirrors too small? Take some time to evaluate the functionality of your bathroom fixtures. If they’re not working for you, it’s time to make a change. Make updates to what currently exists, keeping in mind the goal of reducing clutter.

Go wild with accessories to create an impressive interior design bathroom. Decorative baskets or other containers are great for organizing items that need to be within arm’s reach. Area rugs work well in adding some design. You might even want to consider updating mirrors, sink fixtures, door handles and window coverings. Lighting is another important interior design bathroom feature. Accent lights can easily be modernized to create a whole different ambiance.

A stylish interior design bathroom has all the newest items that update the functionality of a bathroom, but also give it a more updated look. Generic soap dispensers can be replaced with automatic soap pump dispensers. They look great and are more sanitary because soap is dispensed automatically by a sensor, so there’s no touching. Add some luxury with a towel warmer, either on the floor or attached to a wall. At Frugal Home Design at, there are many ideas for bringing some luxurious pampering to your bathroom.

Turning a regular bathroom into an interior design bathroom showcase can be easily done by complementing the room’s color with color coded towels. It’s an inexpensive project that goes a long way in giving the bathroom an upscale look. Bath cloths and towels can be in the same colors or within the same shades of your bathroom’s color scheme. Store your towels in a closet, or introduce an ornamental towel rack that can hold multiple towel sets.

Interior design bathroom projects, even minimal ones that involve small changes, can turn a tired looking bathroom into a beautifully stylish one. Changing a few items, rearranging others and introducing new, but inexpensive accent pieces are easy measures that can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom. Other ideas, like new accents, updated accessories, and color choices, play a significant role in creating an interior design bathroom showcase.

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