Simple Kitchen Updates to Improve Efficiency

As time progresses, we as a population are becoming more and more aware of how much our actions have an impact on our surroundings. Many of us take charge in making a change and improve our lifestyles in order to dimish our negative impact on the environment. One of those actions being is making your kitchen environmentally friendly and efficient. There are many ways of making your kitchen that much closer to being green, and efficient. When remodeling this is an option that you can consid... Continue Reading

Why You Should Include a Mirror in Your Kitchen, and How to Do It

Mirrors are often a feature that many don't consider implementing into their kitchen, it's a décor idea that is usually considered in hallway and bathroom renovations. Mirrors are a décor item that adds a touch of glamor, and if you're looking to make your kitchen appear sleeker and bigger. Mirrors will be your best friend, and it can also allow you to save money if you're thinking of not using a backsplash. They're also a great way of maximizing light if you're kitchen isn't getting enough ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is one of the most treasured rooms in your house. It's where you eat and spend time with family, putting it right up there with living room. These Deco and Style users obviously understand this very well. Here are our top 10 user kitchens: Those are the top 10 user submitted kitchens we've received so far. A big thank you to users who to the time to submit their kitchens! Keep watching Deco and Style for more great features and kitchen decor ideas! window._taboola = ... Continue Reading

3 Fun Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Space Stand Out

Let's be real here, many kitchens follow similar blueprints, and are created similarly to be functional and easy to use. Sometimes all we want is to have a kitchen that's slightly different from others, and often times we don't exactly know what will make that happen. There's always the option of completely remodeling your kitchen, and create a customized one of a kind space, but there's also small features and changes that can bring both fun and functionality to your kitchen. Each kitchen, ... Continue Reading

Essentials For An Organized Kitchen

Kitchens are an area that is constantly being used and has a high rate of rotation whether it's products being used, stocked, disposed or dishes being washed, stacked, and stored. Something is constantly changing in the kitchen, and if you're not organized, nothing stays it's in spot. Whether you're cooking or cleaning, it's useful to have you're spaced clean and organized, as it makes life easier. Not only should you have your fridge organized, but also where your baking sheets, pans, and ... Continue Reading

How to Keep the Fridge Organized – 5 Steps In Achieving A Chaos Free Zone

When it comes to preparing a meal at given time of the day, a messy fridge can really slow you down; it's important to keep one of the focal points of your kitchen tidy, and clean. Not only that but it's also great having an organized fridge, as it can prolong the shelf life of your ingredients and food, as well reduce the time you're spending on preparing your meals. An organized kitchen can also help reduce the amount of waste your produce on the weekly. In order to achieve a clean and ... Continue Reading

The Big Kitchen Decorating Mistake We All Commit

When it comes to designing a kitchen, often times it's hard to come up with a full proof plan that we'll be following from start to finish, and it's also hard to guarantee and determine whether the end result will be what we're striving for. The process itself can be filled with hardships, along with a couple of bumps and obstacles; nonetheless, if you carefully plan out what you'll be doing, when you'll be doing and the materials and look you're going for you'll have a much smoother ride into ... Continue Reading

Top Timeless Kitchen Trends

Remodling and renovating a kitchen is never an easy process, and sometimes you're aware that your kitchen needs a tune up but can't decide on what exactly you want to do with it. Some people are even scared that their renovation ideas are on impulse, and are also weary that their choices are impacted by the current trends that are floating around. It's always best to stick with something you like, and something that is timeless; especially if you think you might be selling this home in a few ... Continue Reading

How to do Pops of Color In The Kitchen Right

Kitchens are a space that you can literally do anything in, no matter how crazy it may seem there's definitely a way to make everything work; and look absolutely luxe. Pops of color are often an option that many homeowners avoid due to not knowing how exactly to implement it into their kitchen. Sometimes they fear that if they do, it might completely ruin their kitchen, or it might be a bit too overpowering for the other finishes that are in the kitchen, or simply the personality of the ... Continue Reading

Kitchen Design Dilemmas & Solutions

A dream kitchen is on everyone's wish list, but often if you don't want to cash out your life savings to buy a home, you've got to invest in something that might not exactly be up to your standards. Investing into a fixer-upper will give you the chance to reno the rooms you feel that need to be fixed up, to your taste and standards. Fixer-uppers give you more freedom in achieving your true dream kitchen, without having to shed a pretty penny. When buying a fixer-upper you're faced with quite a ... Continue Reading