Stools and How They Can Save Your Tiny Living Room

Want to create an impressive living room decor without having to spend too much on it? In some living rooms where space constraint makes it very difficult to have large sofa designs, stools can come to rescue. There are many advantages of choosing upholstered wooden stools and puff stools for the decor of your living room. First of all, they are less bulky, and they create a smooth flow of space, while also offering your guests a perfect seat. If you have a two-seater or a three seater sofa, ... Continue Reading

Carpet vs. Hardwood in Your Living Room

With the wide array of flooring options, this article explores factors to consider when choosing hardwood or carpet flooring. These days, many homeowners are opting to remodel their homes; in the process, they are also discovering the difference flooring can make in the overall look, feel and comfort of a room. Flooring options are plentiful, so you'll likely need to educate yourself before heading out to select new flooring. Here are some things to evaluate, though, when you're considering ... Continue Reading

Beginners Guide to Accent Walls

The living room is a room that is usually placed in front of the house. This is where we entertain our guests, conversations among families, reading books and other indoor activities. Observe yourself when you go to other house. The living room will be the first one that we will notice, and it leaves the first impression to us on what will be the whole concept of the host's house. It is important to display the beauty of your home to leave a lasting impression to your guests. A good beginn... Continue Reading

Designing a Dog Friendly Living Room

Being a pet owner can be put a damper on design plans. There are three basic principals dog owners have come to accept: white furniture is out of the question, hardwood is too easy to scratch, and the most expensive piece of plush furniture will ultimately be the favored resting place of your canine companion. There's a wealth of design issues to wrap a tail around that could leave any dog and his master's mind spinning. Whether you're a new dog owner or experienced with the frustrations of ... Continue Reading

Modern Style Living Room

The living room in the house is considered one of the most visited places because of the level of comfort it provides. In many houses, this is one of the first rooms that people see at the entrance, and people tend to decorate them in a chic style and paint them, making this room welcoming, so that they correspond to the concept of modern living rooms. Through this article will be discussed various modern projects and ideas of the living room. Residential premises are considered spacious; ... Continue Reading