Design Tricks That’ll Bring Energy to Your Bathroom

Like the design of each one of the rooms from your house, the design of the bathroom is extremely important too. After all, this has to be chosen following the same style of the rest of the place. Bathrooms are really important because usually, people are looking for a place where they can start fresh in the morning and be able to relax in the evening while enjoying a foam bath. So they have to be practical, great looking and easy to clean.

One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest design tricks to improve your bedroom design is paint. Whether it is the outside or the inside, both areas will look new and transformed. Pick neutral shades and brighter trim colors. Plain white walls tend to make your bedroom good and attractive.

Have proper ventilation. If a bedroom is not moving the air properly it can lead to difficulty breathing during bathing. Try to make some ventilation in your room so that it looks ideal.

The choice of materials is important too. A contemporary bathroom would have walls that do not have paint peeling off because of humidity. Furthermore, it is important to avoid mildew because it is not healthy and looks awful. This is why tiles can be the best choice.


Clean Lines

Lines that are clean play a role that is significant in the décor of the bathroom and it is important to consider the outer shape of the windows, mirror, counter top etc and ensure that they match with each other.


A very important role in the design of small bathrooms in a modern way is lighting since it can be used to create a place that is lit well. The best choices for lighting in bathrooms are lights that are white or off-white in color.

Less is More

The principle of modern bathroom design is that less is more and it means that lesser numbers of items are to be used in the decoration of the space. For bathrooms that are smaller in size, it is good to keep the countertop clear of items and if not, have the least number of items on it.

Space That is Uncluttered

Clutter creates a feeling of chaos and it is advised to have a bathroom that is clear of clutter and has shelves under the counter for storage. It is possible to have mirrors on the cabinets in bathrooms and in front of the sink for the sake of keeping brushes, tooth paste and other sorts of accessories.

Art deco has also been resurrected in many years and can be used in both bathrooms and bedrooms to create a highly glamorous and stylish look. To bring a touch of art deco to your bathroom, fit a square sink, some traditional ceramic taps and set them against an elegant plain background.

Get on the highly fashionable shabby chic trail this year by placing distressed mirrors that have been flecked with gray paint on the walls of bathrooms and bedrooms.


This design is quite different from the ones above. This entails cutting the tiles into rectangles and putting them up in a brick-like manner. But once you think about bricks, you may think that it always have to be big tiles. But this trick can also apply to small tiles and it will create a different effect.


This design is a variation of the diagonal. This is done by combining the box-style of the border and the diagonal perspective. A huge diamond is created by putting a different colored tile around the main tile that is set in a diagonal pattern. The design can be done with different sizes of diamonds or in a repeating manner.

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