Dorm Room Decor

If you are one of the many college students who feel frustrated with how dull and plain their dorm room looks, it’s now time to stop ranting. You can change your dorm room and you don’t even need a big amount to accomplish this goal. With a few essential items and some ingenuity, you can make your dorm the coolest room on the campus. Go easy with the guests now.

Some college students don’t bother decorating their dorm rooms because of the lack of budget. Some put off purchasing from discount or secondhand stores with the misconception that the finds are not as good as brand new ones. They can never be more wrong. A lot of things from discount and thrift shops are great deals. Don’t be discouraged with your limited budget or the idea of other’s used stuff. With creativity, you can make your dorm room as nice as any expensive penthouse, secondhand items or not.

Dorm rooms are typically small and the centerpiece is mostly the bed, with little space to accommodate anything else fancy. Capitalize on the bed as the focal point by using attractive bedding. Use not just your preferred colors but also a shade that brightens up your room (especially that you can’t repaint the walls) or one that goes with the season. Deep, dark colors are autumn and winter tones while light, floral colors are those of summer and spring.


Due to the small space, organize your things so your room will not be cluttered. Store things that you don’t use on a daily basis. Make use of cute boxes to store your stuff such as papers, books, toiletries and other personal belongings and stack them in the corner of the room. The boxes can also serve as a “cabinet” of sorts where you can display your photos and as decorations too, especially if they have funky designs and colors. If you have plain looking boxes and prefer to hide them, utilize the space under the bed. Don’t waste space with a mess. Use space wisely and your dorm room will actually look bigger than it is.

Now on to more decorative items…Built-in of floating shelves sometimes go with the dorm room. You can place your books, photos, and artworks here. Dorm room walls can be quite dreary. Add color by hanging a colorful fabric or using interesting posters. If you have a painting or a photo you want to use as a wall hanging, go ahead and show your interests.

Last but not the least, the floor also needs your attention. Decorate with an area rug to give some warmth to your dorm room. The area rug can liven up the room or make it sophisticated. It can make it trendy or conservative. Your preference will be reflected in your choice of rug.

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