Front Yard Design Ideas

Perhaps you are living in an urban area, or your property is located close to the street. Or rather, yours is a beach cottage. Landscaping your front yard might prove to be quite challenging. In this article, you are going to learn about front yard design ideas that will make a charming solution to the rest of your home.

Lay a Stepping Stone Path

Steppingstones which are nestled into a mulch, and surrounded by perennial flower beds normally make for a layered and attractive front yard. You should, therefore, create some destination at the end of the path through placing a birdbath, a pair of chairs or a dwarf tree on the place the stone ends.

Create a Front Patio

When you are looking for easy care solution for your petite yard, consider paving the location with gravel and large, irregular stones that will save water, and is also quite low-maintenance. For some greenery, consider having a few planting beds, or you may put or place potted plants atop the stones.


Plant Masses of Blooms

You should plant an abundant row of fragrant roses and hydrangeas right along the street. This will charm passerby and offer some bit of privacy to the front of your home. A small picket is also going to be an excellent addition and provides the blooms some support to drape over.

Plant Small Trees

Dwarf or semi-dwarf trees may be attractive addition when you have a small front yard. They provide a focal point and enhance the sense of depth. You can plant a tree on each side of the central path, and with a second path running crosswise.

Tall Grasses

Lush and tall grasses which are planted in front of a low fence may provide a home which sits near the tree some more protected feeling, and without blocking light or views. You can fill the area inside your fence with grass, or with perennial beds or a small tree.

Stacked Stone Wall

For that formal look, you can’t go wrong with a classic stacked-stone wall and hedges that are neatly trimmed. The wall’s structure plus the shrubs is enough on its own, even when there’s no room on the other side for a lawn.

Street Side Planter Boxes

When living in the city, your only planting area may be closer to the curb. However, you should not let that prevent you from making the most of it. Consider raised planter boxes which are made of steel and filled with waving grasses as well as other low-maintenance plants as one of your front yard design ideas.

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