Glam Bedroom Decor

It’s simple to create a glam bedroom decor theme in one of the seasons hottest color combinations with a little effort and planning.

One of this season’s hottest color schemes for the bedroom is rich eggshell blue and taupe that is accented with cream. With the right balance of these colors in your bedroom, you can achieve visual balance.

To make a focal point in the bedroom, consider an oversized fabric protect headboard in a rich eggshell blue fabric. This will set the color scheme for the room while coordinating accessories help to transition the color scheme throughout the room. Consider a stripe window treatment in shades of eggshell blue, cream and taupe to pull all of the accent colors into one accessory.

Select a bedding in a lighter shade of the eggshell blue so that it doesn’t overwhelm or overpower the design. Also, consider purchasing a bedding that has a delicate print that is complimentary to the rest of the glam bedroom decor.

Add character and comfort to your room with the use of a thick confetti rug in a light complimentary color. This will prove to be not only a design element but functional as well when you get out of bed on those cold winter mornings.

Funky and futuristic room accents pieces such as lamps and wall decor help to pull the overall bedroom theme together.

A beautiful stripe wallpaper would lend the perfect backdrop for this room decor theme. If you choose one that is in a light shade that coordinates with the rest of the room decor, it blends wonderfully while meshing with the bold stripe pattern of the window treatments.

Remember to balance your patterns and textures so that you come across as glamourous instead of gaudy.

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For all the time that your child will spend asleep and awake in his or her bedroom, it should become a place of adventure, creativity, and imagination. How do you optimize the value of your kid’s bedroom decor?


Figure Out Your Budget

Remember that you can buy small pieces at a time so that you can set yourself a monthly budget or a one-time budget.

Select Three Bedroom Theme Ideas

Select themes that excite your child. If your child is still too young, begin with a few basic pieces and then build until you have variety and depth in the room. If you’re not sure what your child will like in his room them pick a few small things and see how they react.

Don’t Select Kid’s Bedroom Decor Only for the Look and Colors

Whenever you’re selecting kids room decor, you should make sure there is a dual purpose for the item. For example, a kid’s wall clock is not only a beautiful decorative piece to add to the wall to finish out a themed bedroom, but it can also be used to help your child understand when it’s bedtime. Dresser knobs on kid’s dresser drawers can be used to teach your kids where the clothes get put away. For example, if you have a safari themed bedroom you can put lion knobs in the top dresser drawer where the socks and underwear are kept. Then you can say to your child to get their clothes from the “lion’s den.”

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