How to Keep Your Living Room Clutter Free

Bring the joy back into your living room. Follow these steps to organize and declutter your living space. These simple steps will help you maintain the living room you always dreamed of.

The living room should be peaceful, serene and an open invitation to those you enter into this room. Look around, what items are stored here? What is the function of this room? Is this a relaxing area? How many activities are taking place in this area? The living room should consist of the following essentials; TV, comfortable chair, loveseat or chair, coffee table and end tables. If you are storing more furniture than you need, re-think the item, can it be stored elsewhere, can it be donated? Follow the steps below to a clutter-free living room.

Donate and Purge Magazines and Books You Haven’t Read or Don’t Want

If you subscribe to a book club or have various magazine subscriptions, ask yourself the following questions. Am I reading the material? Can I do without the subscriptions? Is the magazine/book accessible online? When was the last time I sat down and read a magazine or book?

Start Purging and Donating Unwanted VHS, DVD’s, and Tapes

Do invest in a strong unit to house the items you are keeping. Don’t forget to group and alphabetize them. Have a yard sale or donate the movie to your local library. Remember you can always rent a movie, you don’t have to purchase every movie you see.


Organize Your Coat Closet

Hat and gloves on the top shelf, line shoes and boots neatly on the floor. Remember to keep a space for your guests. Old tray tables can be used to house your shoes. Those steps can help you to know how to keep your living room clutter-free.

Tidy Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is quickly becoming the centerpiece of many family rooms, which naturally makes it a magnet for clutter. It is amazing how much junk can accumulate on a cocktail table. Keep cans and scrap paper in the trash where it belongs, and remove dishes and take them to the sink as soon as you are finished using them.

Control Your Remotes

Do not let your remotes control you. Chances are one of your remotes could control all your devices, if it was correctly programmed. Even if that proved to be too difficult, there are several universal remote controls on the market now that let you set them up using your computer, and are very user-friendly. Eliminating the collection of remotes most people have can go a long way to clearing the clutter.

Find Alternative Storage

Some items, like magazines or books, may be able to find an alternative location in the room, such as a bookshelf, or a magazine rack. Mail should never be left on the coffee table, as relevant documents may get lost in the clutter. Several coffee table designs now include built-in storage and lift up tops. These table designs could be ideal to store often used items.

Use it Properly

Your coffee table should be utilized for its intended purpose, which is to serve drinks or dessert in your living room. Coasters and the odd book is all that should normally be on the table, except for maybe a piece of art, such as a sculpture. Coffee tables are also not a good place to do projects or try to run a business; you should use a more appropriate place in your home for these activities.

Keep It Up

This is usually the hardest part. Keeping your coffee table free of clutter is a daily chore. After you change your habits, it will become second nature to use your cocktail table correctly.

You can win the fight against living room clutter. Arm yourself with the essentail habits and tools and you’ll be well on your way to a tidier, more inviting living space.

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