Keeping Your Lawn Green

The worst drought year that we’ve seen in generations has just passed by. Leaving all the lawns in your neighborhood being brown and looking like a wasteland. With global warming and the future possibly holding more dry seasons in the future, it’s not enough for homeowners to simply hope for rain to keep their lawns fresh and green. Automatic water sprinklers are going to be essential for keeping lawns around the world green.

Watering an entire yard by hand is just not practical and it adds another chore in an already busy world. Sprinklers themselves are a great way to make a garden a paradise, but along with the brown grass, droughts also bring with them dry wells or city water shortage laws. With automatic sprinkling systems, not only do you get to keep your lawn green all year round but you also will save water in a time of need. Water usage through automated systems can be incredibly efficient while meeting most city water standards, in times of drought. Be it a garden or just a lawn, home irrigation systems have been evolving with technology just like everything else in the world. With just 2 turns of a dial, you can have the greenest lawn on the block while staying economically and environmentally strong.


Watering the grass daily with the good old garden hose is really outdated. The time saved for a small investment towards an automatic sprinkling system could save up to hundreds of hours spent watering the grass. It’s really tough to take time out of the busy modern schedules of today, in the hot sun of mid-July or August, to inefficiently water the grass. The water used to irrigate a lawn manually can typically cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars.

Automating the irrigation system not only saves your wallet, but you’ll also contribute to a healthy environment. Green grass is not just for beauty, as a healthy lawn can improve the air quality, allow a homeowner to garden and also will increase the value of their homes. Evenly watering one’s yard is also an impossible task to do manually, as you’ll drown a part of the yard while neglecting another, automatic systems regulate it so that a nice even healthy lawn is maintained.

Automatic systems generally water the lawns twice a day, at dawn and dusk. The timing of the systems means that you won’t be inconvenienced with needing to water your yard at times that are hard to commit to. Irrigation and watering systems are the alternatives to manually irrigating lawns, as it will become a necessity over the next few years. This leaves it as your first and generally only defense in keeping your lawn green and beautiful looking.

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