Maximizing on Your Balcony Space

Now is time to think about what will work next year for those who are considering the possibility of creating a garden room on this balcony or the roof of a house, apartment or apartment. Your balcony courtyard is becoming more and more popular and with little attention, can become the center of your home and an excellent area for entertainment.

Since balconies, as a rule, are rather small, space is one of the primary design considerations. The basic design principle is to simplify the design as much as possible. The last thing you want is a bustle, a busy look.

One of the main considerations for these narrow or small areas is the use of square or rectangular containers or garden planters that follow the corners and edges of the balconies. They also save space. Hanging baskets, espaliered, and climbing plants will lead the walls to life. The plants themselves can be grown in your containers, easily moving through the seasons. The Trellis attached to the wall is an excellent place for growing plants and still leaves enough room for a small table, bench or pair of chairs.


Roof gardens and some balconies often explode with the wind and the sun, so choose plants that are suitable for these conditions. Some suggestions can be cacti, Kalanchoe, ivy and many ornamental herbs, as they are somewhat drought-resistant. Others who may need a little more care are Roses, Citrus, Camomiles, Geraniums, of course, Bamboo and Conifers. It’s amazing that the biggest killer of balcony plants often overloads. Motivation is great to add water every time you check the progress of your garden. Be wary of being too kind!

Garden pots and planters, filled with cut shapes or standards, create a truly elegant effect and can be used as the principal functions for your roof garden. You can create a beautiful view in a small space, using several pots of truncated shrubs. The boxwood can be cut in spheres, squares or any shape that you desire. Keep in mind that it’s cheaper to buy a large unclipped box, and then create your design.

Containers filled with your bushes make large portable hedges or screens. They are ideal for separating space from the rest of the territory to create a separate room in the garden.

Think carefully about the style and function of your balcony, or roof space. Do you want this formal or informal? With a formal look, you can create a modern minimalist style with several containers filled with beautiful garden plants. In any case, do not forget to use heavy, wide pots and planters in windy areas to prevent the container bottling.

If you have a large area or an elongated one, consider re-seeding to get a clean, uncontaminated look. Several large containers or planters may be more attractive than a set of small pots.

Use your imagination and just get started. From season to season, you will find out what works best in your space and how to make a piece of garden in your home.

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