Simple Kitchen Updates to Improve Efficiency

As time progresses, we as a population are becoming more and more aware of how much our actions have an impact on our surroundings. Many of us take charge in making a change and improve our lifestyles in order to dimish our negative impact on the environment. One of those actions being is making your kitchen environmentally friendly and efficient.

There are many ways of making your kitchen that much closer to being green, and efficient. When remodeling this is an option that you can consider, and fear not it does not take away from the beauty and end result that you’re looking for. All you’ll be doing is just making some smart choices when it comes to choosing what you want in your kitchen, what it’s made of and where it’s placed.

When making your kitchen environmentally friendly it’s important to update your home’s energy system. It’ll ensure that your home isn’t causing any damages to the outside world while being used.


When it comes to choosing what cabinets you’d like, it would be good to consider whether you’d like to use salvaged woods in the process, as it’s efficient and prevents from those woods being sent to the local landfills.

Another idea you can think of trying out is looking and finding countertops that are made out of recyclable materials, such as glass. Often times you can even find a mix of recycled glass and mineral materials being used to create countertops. By using these creations you’ll be upcycling products, that often times are bound to cause damage to the environment.

It’s also important to take into consideration your appliances, it would be beneficial for you and your home, as well as the ecosystem you live in to invest in appliances that are energy star certified high-efficiency units.

To take it a step further you can also replace all your current light fixtures, with LED or CFL light bulbs, to further make your kitchen an environmentally friendly place.

Have you been thinking of switching your kitchen to become more efficient? What’s stopping you? Let us know in the comments section!

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