Stools and How They Can Save Your Tiny Living Room

Want to create an impressive living room decor without having to spend too much on it? In some living rooms where space constraint makes it very difficult to have large sofa designs, stools can come to rescue. There are many advantages of choosing upholstered wooden stools and puff stools for the decor of your living room. First of all, they are less bulky, and they create a smooth flow of space, while also offering your guests a perfect seat.

If you have a two-seater or a three seater sofa, you can get simple wooden stool designs and choose matching upholstery. This creates a unified, balanced look for your interior space – where all upholstery matches and the stools look like part of the design. The stool can then be pulled to be used as a foot stool or extra seats, and if you are choosing a puff stool design, it can even have some internal storage space.


Another reason simple wooden stools work much better than chairs or single sofas is that they are easy to move. In a smaller living room with a casual decor, having furniture that is too bulky to move can be restraining. On the contrary, the stool can be pulled anywhere, can turn the balcony into an extension of your living room for parties by placing a line of comfortable wooden stools to seat your guests and can even be taken into other room when desired. Additionally, they are also far cheaper, and you can get great designs in simple round stool even in wicker, which makes a style statement of its own and pair with your wicker sofa and coffee table.

The material you choose for the simple wooden stool must suit the d├ęcor of your living room as well as your lifestyle. Don’t choose an upholstered wooden stool in a light color if you have kids and pets. For busy families, an ergonomically designed simple wooden stool that uses chrome legs can be a better option. The wooden surface has a slight curve to be comfortable for seating, and the lack of upholstery makes these very easy to wipe clean and maintain. Plastic stools are also very much in vogue, and some come in very contemporary designs. If your living room is rather small, choose a simple wood stool without a back so that it maintains a visual flow of space, rather than creating a cramped look. Even though stools are far smaller than chairs, some small living rooms can still fit only a couple with a single sofa to create a comfortable seating arrangement. In such a case, it is better to choose a design created for comfort – one with backrest and armrests will be a better choice. If you have created a chic look with a stylish leather sofa, choose leather upholstery for the wood stool as well.

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