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Genius Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Many of us nowadays are faced with living in a small space, especially when living in the city no matter where in the world. Apartments, Condo's and Homes inside the city are the majority of the time smaller than they would be in the suburbs. With living in a small home, the kitchen often gets forgotten as it is small and barely functional due to not having enough storage. Luckily there are plenty of ways to maximize and even add storage into your small kitchens. You won't have to reconsider ... Continue Reading

Under Bed Storage Options

Many of us have beds which are raised off the floor, giving about a foot or higher of usable but invisible storage. Some people even have captain's beds that are fitted with drawers already readily available for use. Should your bed not have drawers, you will need to give much more thought concerning simple methods to organize whatever you put underneath the bed. You can utilize under bed storage systems which will maximize your storage potential. These are frequently costly, and you may ... Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Living Room Clutter Free

Bring the joy back into your living room. Follow these steps to organize and declutter your living space. These simple steps will help you maintain the living room you always dreamed of. The living room should be peaceful, serene and an open invitation to those you enter into this room. Look around, what items are stored here? What is the function of this room? Is this a relaxing area? How many activities are taking place in this area? The living room should consist of the following essent... Continue Reading

Keeping Your Bedroom Organized

While the public area of the home is often neat and tidy, the private areas, such as the master bedroom, are another matter. Most of us run around like crazy in the morning, getting ourselves ready for the work day and the kids off to school. Then, when we return at night, we throw off our clothes and crash into bed. This doesn't leave much time or room to keep an organized bedroom. However, don't despair! You can start to create a more organized and tidy bedroom in under one hour. Jewelry ... Continue Reading

How to Keep the Fridge Organized – 5 Steps In Achieving A Chaos Free Zone

When it comes to preparing a meal at given time of the day, a messy fridge can really slow you down; it's important to keep one of the focal points of your kitchen tidy, and clean. Not only that but it's also great having an organized fridge, as it can prolong the shelf life of your ingredients and food, as well reduce the time you're spending on preparing your meals. An organized kitchen can also help reduce the amount of waste your produce on the weekly. In order to achieve a clean and ... Continue Reading

Secrets to Better Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are generally one of the smallest rooms in the house, but this doesn't stop us trying to store an incredible number of things in them. The problem with too many things inside the bathroom is that you can't find the stuff you want when you need it. You might want to organize your bathroom by finding more storage. Functional Bathroom Vanities The height of a vanity unit can vary from the conventional 30 to 32 inches to 34 to 36 inches. The height is increased by an extra 1.5 to 2 ... Continue Reading

Maximizing on Your Bachelor Apartments Room

Everyone loves to have a spacious bachelor apartments room, but not all of us have a large bachelor apartments room to begin with. So, creating space or at least the appearance of more room, can be a challenge. Your bachelor apartments room is a place of sanctuary, a place to sleep, and a haven to feel comfortable in. Well, we have gathered a few ideas to help find ways to create a spacious place to relax in after a hard day's work. There are a few tips and ideas that can be explored to help ... Continue Reading

Easy Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Sometimes we just get sick and tired of our kitchen cabinets, or we move into a home that just doesn't suit our needs. The first thing that comes to our mind is renovating, but then you're hit with the realization that it's expensive and most times requires quite a lot of money. Fear not though, there's always a solution to your problems and sometimes it doesn't require a lot of money. Cabinets are the first thing that you and other people see, in a way they act as a phocal point whether you ... Continue Reading