Top 5 Must Have Bathroom Appliances

Starting a bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to redecorate and design the space to fit your specific tastes. From floor to walls to ceiling, every one of these is an open canvas where you are free to add your own individual flair. But it’s not just tiles and countertops that you can personalize, but appliances and fixtures as well. If you’re starting a bathroom renovation then don’t miss this chance to get these 5 must-have appliances added to your bathroom space.

Heated Floors

Heated floors are a must for any modern bathroom. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, then you know what a chilly reception cold tiles can give you. A heated floor will help reduce discomfort in what should be the most comfortable part of your home. Many heated floors are very energy efficient and can be left on to keep your floor’s ambient temperature at a comfortable level.


Now this one may seem obvious. Of course, every bathroom should have a mirror, and with many styles to choose from it’s very easy to choose a unique style. But other than the usual mirror hanging over the sink, you may wish to consider adding additional wall mounted mirrors to your bathroom, especially if it’s a communal bathroom shared by a large family.

Towel Rings/Bar

A place to hang your towels is a necessity in any bathroom. Whether it’s towel rings to hang small towels by the sink to dry your hands or large heated racks meant to for towels to use right after a shower. Towel racks are also useful for bathrooms without enough space for a linen closet.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars add a nice level of sophistication and come in many sizes and styles. They’re perfect for storing things such as cotton swabs and candles, cosmetic pads, and hair ties. These jars can be used for practical purposes, or they can be used purely as a decoration by filling them with sand for a beachy feel.

Trash Can

A trash can in a bathroom is usually a necessary evil. Trash cans can take away from the design of the bathroom, but there is a way to avoid this. By planning for a trashcan you can make sure that it’s usually kept in a hidden but convenient place. You can even disguise it as a drawer or closet.

These fixtures are a must for any bathroom renovation. By planning for them ahead of time they can add another layer of design to your bathroom.


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