Tree House Ideas for Your Backyard

The first step in building or designing your tree house or fort is to understand all of your options. When making your child a tree house or fort, you can design the structure several different ways. Despite this flexibility, you really should examine common tree house or fort designs and plans. Along with giving you architectural tips, below are some tree house ideas for your backyard to help you out during your construction.

Building a tree house is similar to any other construction. The only difference is that a treehouse rests on a platform rather than on a foundation. Therefore when choosing your platform, ensure it is sturdy to ensure that your structure does not attach to the trunk. This ensures that your tree house is not damaged when the tree sways on a windy day.

Green oak timbers are most preferred for building tree houses since they are stronger and rot-resistance when compared to other timbers.


There are many tree houses designs for you to choose from. A basic tree house could be the simplest to put up given that it only consist of a platform and few timbers surrounding it forming a balcony-like structure. It is open with no roofing and usually great for your kids to play in.

Other design you may choose from includes a pirate’s house, which you can build and decorate to resemble a pirate’s ship. Decks are optional when it comes to tree houses. However, tree houses that incorporate decks could act as an ideal place to hold summer gatherings for all ages.

Fort designs for tree houses also are essential when it comes to encouraging outside play. In the case of a fort, include a small pulley to help your kids get their toys up the tree house without much of a struggle.

When you have found the tree house or fort that you desire to build, you will have to buy building supplies. These supplies may include, but may not be restricted to, wood, nails, anchoring screws, along with other typical tools. Typically, you should be able to buy the items that you need from your nearby home improvement store. In case your community hardware store does not carry each of the required materials, you can find them for sale online.

When it comes time for you to make your kid’s tree house or fort, you will want to have them involved in the procedure. Although they might be uninvolved in actual building procedure, there are more ways that you can use their assistance. When you have evaluated the construction guidelines, you might want to have your youngster study the directions as things progress or hand you the materials that you’ll require. No matter how large or small their portion is, your youngster will likely be happy that you involved them in the process.

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