Under Bed Storage Options

Many of us have beds which are raised off the floor, giving about a foot or higher of usable but invisible storage. Some people even have captain’s beds that are fitted with drawers already readily available for use. Should your bed not have drawers, you will need to give much more thought concerning simple methods to organize whatever you put underneath the bed.

You can utilize under bed storage systems which will maximize your storage potential. These are frequently costly, and you may attain the things you need for less. One can obtain an array of plastic-type tubs designed to conveniently fit underneath beds, and in order to shift these with more ease, you can purchase casters and also rollers to attach to the underside. On the other hand, you can order plastic tubs pre-made on casters, or maybe integrate casters to unwanted drawers or simple wooden packing containers.

Various items are perfect for under bed storage. Seasonal decorations may be packed away for the year. Shoes you don’t use often, linens for your bed or seasonal apparel are all excellent things to put away underneath a bed. If you store any type of materials or things like stuffed toys, you need to ensure that boxes containing these are definitely sealed. Excessive cloth in under bed storage could translate to more prospects for dust mites.


As you are planning what to place in under bed storage, mull over those possessions you will need access to routinely. Position items that you would like to be able to access swiftly close to the sides of your bed. In case you have stacked boxes in under bed storage, maintain all those objects you like accessible at the top rather than at the lower part of the stack. Particularly with bigger beds, including queens and kings, think of the center of the bed as storage for items you hardly ever use, because these are going to be toughest to reach.

In children’s bedrooms, under bed storage will be perfect for holding plaything packs. Toy trains, building sets, together with collections of play figures are very easily stored inside sizeable plastic boxes. One advantage to this is it lets you keep collections of playthings as a group in a designated box. As soon as playtime is completed, kids can place toys within the relevant box and then glide the box once again underneath the bed.

You can easily find flat casters which are suitable for placing below your bed. While buying them make sure of the area you have and how many of these you can fit below. You can also use various other items for storing different things below your bed. Simple plastic boxes which come in various sizes and shapes can also be chosen accordingly to your requirements.

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